Ruff GmbH – Producer of RILLFIT Tyre re-groover and RILLCUT regrooving blades

Something very clever can emerge from small and innovative companies as various enterprises have proved. We too are an example of such a company.

Founded more than 60 years ago in a small barn building near Munich, we have specialized in the production of high quality electronic devices and have established ourselves as one of the world leaders in this field.

We have sold more than 250.000 devices in more than 100 countries.

From a small startup to a worldwide active group in the automotive industy.

Founded more than 65 years ago in a small garage near Munich.

The founder Herbert Ruff has found a solution for giving a second life to the old tyres through the cut out of the original grooves. During these years we have sold more than 350000 devices

High Quality products: RILLFIT and RILLCUT blades

Our main aim is to produce electronic products with the best quality in the market

Time and again these and other reasons allow us to be at the fore front with innovative developments and enable us to provide our customers with the most pioneering and future-orientated technology.

The Rillfit six in the N. 1 tyre regroover in quality and reliability worlwide.