RILLFIT SIX tyre regroover – the regrooving machine

RILLFIT six tire regroover for regrooving of tyre tread pattern and cut rubber profiles


The RILLFIT six tyre regroover is a high quality tool for cutting tyre profile, rubber and plastic. It is mainly used as tyre regroover for truck, bus, forklift and other tire types. RILLFIT six tyre regroovers = best qualitity, perfect handling and a long-life circle.

What makes RILLFITsix unique?


  • Easy operating and handling

  • Fast and certain regrooving

  • High-Tech power transformer

  • Ergonomic hand-grip for easy handling

  • Extra flexible connection cable

  • Professional rotary switch

  • Resistant transformer casing

  • Additional blade adjustment gauge

  • Compatible with RILLCUT blades

  • TÜV & CE certificated

What can I do with the RILLFIT six tire regroover?


  • Regrooving of used tyres tread pattern for diffent tyre types

  • Cutting of rubber at tyre repairing

  • Engineering of tread pattern in the industy

  • Cutting out rubber seals and rubber parts

  • Cut off rills into rubber and rubber material

  • Hot-cutting of grooves and rills in some plastic material